Juan Israel Ortiz

Quick Description:
I am an ambitious entrepreneur with over 15 years of sales and marketing experience across diverse industries. Highly trained in direct response copywriting. Capable of penetrating and securing new accounts through diverse marketing campaigns.

Key Areas of Emphasis:
   – Prospect identification
   – Market research and analysis
   – High-impact presentations

   – AWAI’s Accelerated Copywriting Program (92%)
   – MyOwnBusiness’ Start My Own Business Program
   – MyOwnBusiness’ Build My Own Business Program

   – English with bilingual proficiency 
   – Spanish with professional working proficiency

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As a direct response copywriter, My mission is to help entrepreneurial businesses increase their response rates and build long-lasting relationships with customers.

I achieve my mission by presenting copy that gets attention, sends a clear brand message, and persuades the target audience into buying right away.

I have experience in promoting products and services with excellent reasoning abilities. My time working for companies like TOLIC and Carico International show that I can work excellently under stress – either as a member of a team or working by himself.

Possessing excellent public speaking skills, I am capable of informing, consulting, and express ideas in easily understandable terms. I have the ability to listen, define, write, explain, and interpret ideas and policies to staff, management, and customers alike.

I have developed the skills of interviewing and developing questions. As well as gaining experience in organizing, editing, and presenting material. I am a quick learner who can work without direction or direct supervision for long hours.

Digital marketing and direct response advertising are areas where I have very specific knowledge. I also have the ability to consult and write public relations materials.

Knowing the basic fundamentals of human behavior principles, I am capable of researching for your business and represent it (if needed) with appealing original thinking and logical reasoning.

I am a member in good standing of the Professional Writers’ Alliance. The knowledge gathered from my training by the AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.) and the PWA allow me to create content that gets an audience’s attention, presents clear brand messages, and persuades them into buying right away. 

My purpose is to offer targeted copywriting to turn your business into an industry influencer.

According to (and as of December 4, 2015), I ranked among the top:

  • 2% of experts talking about copywriting
  • 0.3% of experts talking about customer service
  • 0.2% of experts talking about digital marketing
  • 0.3% of experts talking about entrepreneurship
  • 0.4% of experts talking about leadership
  • 1.9% of experts talking about public speaking
  • 0.6% of experts talking about sales



Now that you know who I am and what I am about, you might want to know how I write copy for you. So, take a look at my copywriting methodology to get a grip on how I work.

To contact and hire me to write for your business, call to 939.219.9708. Or write an email to